Council Members

Council Member PhotoMember TypeName and Information
Citizen Member Brandy Olsen
Citizen Member Bryn Peterson
Citizen MemberChristian Navarette
Crystal stands in front of a wooden wallCitizen MemberCrystal Pyne
Citizen MemberIan Summers
Citizen MemberJared A. Stewart, M.Ed.
Citizen MemberJaret Winn
Citizen Member John Crowley
Citizen MemberKelie Hess
Citizen MemberKimberly Jensen, MSW, CSW
Citizen Member Lisa Wade
Citizen Member Rachael Norton
Citizen MemberStaci Christensen
Woman with Dark hair in front of snowCitizen MemberStephanie Roach
Citizen Member Tom Davidson
Citizen MemberTracy Johnson
Citizen Member Tracy Smith
Agency MemberAdina Zahradnikova
Agency MemberGlen Larsen for Tonya Hales
Agency MemberLes Carter for Angie Pinna, Division of Services for People with Disabilities
Agency MemberMatthew Wappett, Center for People with Disabilities at Utah State University
Agency MemberNels Holmgren, Division of Aging and Adult Services
Agency MemberNoël Taxin, Bureau Director, Department of Health
Agency MemberTanya Semerad for Kim Fratto, Special Education Coordinator
Agency MemberSarah Brenna, Utah State Office of Rehabilitation
Non-Voting Liaison Member Amber Foster, Timpanogos Supports, Independent Support Coordinator Association
Non-Voting Liaison MemberKrissie Summerhayes, EnVision Quality Supports
Non-Voting Liaison Member Neil Allred, Northeastern Services, Utah Association of Community Services
Non-Voting Liaison Member Pam Bennett, Substance Abuse and Mental Health