Upcoming Events

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September Events

On September 30th, Jake Marino, Business Relations Supervisor will be presenting on ‘Virtual Tips & Etiquette for Interviews and Meetings’. This presentation can be shared with your clients or any person who may need some guidance on how to navigate our new virtual environment. Please see flyer below and register at: https://virtualtipsandetiquettendeam.eventbrite.com

Flyer for the NDEAM event on September 30 2020

October Events

On October 1st, Jana Burke, President, Mariposa Professional Services, will be having a frank discussion focusing on ‘A Day in the Life of a Professional with Psychiatric Disability’. This presentation is appropriate for both our business partners as well as our clients who may be navigating accommodating their disability as professionals. See flyer below and register at: https://adayinthelifendeam.eventbrite.com

Flyer for the October 1 2020 event