2022 Utah Developmental Disabilities Council Advocacy Awards


The UDDC Advocacy Award is given to an individual who has made a commitment to improving the lives of Utahns with disabilities. The awardee is recognized for their efforts to help individuals with disabilities lead full, integrated lives and help make their communities inclusive and respectful.

We invite community members to nominate Utahns who have worked toward a better future for Utahns of all abilities.

One award will be given in each category:

The Self-Advocate category is for an individual with a disability who has made significant efforts toward improving their own or another individual’s life by promoting integrated living, community supports, employment opportunities, or another area of growth.

Family Member
The Family Member category is for a family member of an individual with a disability who has made significant efforts toward improving the life of their relative who has a disability, or who has made efforts to improving the lives of families of Utahns with disabilities. A family member can be a parent, sibling, spouse, child, or guardian.

Community Member
The Community Member category is for an individual who serves their community. This category recognizes a broad range of impactful Utahns, including civic leaders, city council members, mayors, members of Congress, Utah representatives and senators, educators, bus drivers, librarians, medical professionals, and many other individuals who have made significant efforts to improve the lives of Utahns, specifically those with disabilities. This nominee recognizes the need for inclusive communities and public support for individuals with disabilities and has worked to reduce disparities.

Nominations are due by July 31,2022

Questions or requests for support can be sent to uddc@utah.gov or by calling 801-245-7350.


Nominations can be done through the attached form: https://forms.gle/8eNJ7x1M3KirdF5E9


You can use this fillable PDF and email it back to uddc@utah.gov or you may print the form and mail it back to:

Utah Developmental Disabilities Council
5296 S Commerce Drive
Ste. 305
Murray, UT 84107