Leadership and Advocacy Committee

2019-2020 Committee Members

    Chair: Amber Foster
    Vice Chair: Stephanie Roach
    Adina Zahradnikova
    Les Carter
    John Crowley
    Krissie Summerhayes
    Tom Davidson
    Staci Christensen
    Jaret Winn
    Jared Stewart

Leadership and Advocacy Committee Goal and Objectives


Goal:The Utah DD Council will build leadership and self and community advocacy skills of people with developmental disabilities and their families.


  1. People First of Utah will become a recognized, trusted and active self-advocacy organization with an Advisory Board
  2. UDDC will support established self-advocate leaders to educate and bring awareness to community members
  3. The UDDC will support people with disabilities and their families to become certified advocates through the completion of the Certified Disability Advocate Program
  4. The UDDC will support the Utah Sibs Network in its efforts to educate and empower siblings of people with disabilities
  5. The UDDC will increase the representation of people with disabilities and families serving on community boards and committees