Ready and Able Employment Campaign

Ready & Able Public Information Campaign

The Council, along with multiple state agencies, has engaged a media
company to research, design, and release a media campaign aimed at better
understanding employment for people with disabilities. This campaign builds
on Employment First initiative efforts and will highlight employment
supports, accommodations, and education for employers and job seekers
alike. Crucial to this campaign is a newly created website that will host
resources, links to state agencies engaged in helping individuals with
disabilities find and keep work, and guidance on how to take the next step.
The campaign focuses on utilizing existing state resources to get maximum
value from these programs without adding additional costs.

This project is a result of collaboration with Department of Workforce Rehabilitation (Vocational Rehabilitation), Division of Substance Abuse and Mental Health, Governor’s Committee on Employment for People with Disabilities, and the Disability:IN Business Network

You can learn more about this campaign by visiting the Ready&Able homepage at