2021 Council Member Applications Open Now

The Council Wants You!

If you are a parent of a child with a developmental disability or an individual with a disability who is interested in serving on the Utah Developmental Disabilities Council, the Council is seeking applications for our Governor-appointed board.

Applications are open now until April 15, 2021. Terms begin October 1, 2021.

Click here to download a PDF of the application.

Click here to download a FILLABLE PDF of the application.

Please contact Council Staff if you need technical assistance or alternative formats of the application.
Call 801-245-7350 or email UDDC@Utah.gov

Why Be a Council Member?
Council members are adults with developmental disabilities, parents of children with developmental disabilities, and representatives from various organizations and state agencies that fillĀ  specified Council positions. Members bring regional, state, and national focus to issues of concern to persons with developmental disabilities and their families. As a member, after learning about these issues, you will have the opportunity to:

educate the public
inform policymakers
improve systems
support self-advocacy
build community capacity

What Responsibilities Do Members Have?
Council members serve for three-year terms up to six years, and attend one-day meetings every three months. Meetings generally held on Tuesdays in Salt Lake City. Mileage and lodging for meetings are paid by the Council, and lunch is provided during Council meetings. Members are also expected to receive and respond to email communication concerning Council business, participate in occasional interim tele/video-conference meetings to discuss and decide critical issues, and may be asked to participate in a variety of other Council activities locally.

In advance of each quarterly meeting, members receive information packets they are required to read. The Council expects members to be aware of issues in their local communities and bring ideas, issues, and opportunities to the Council’s attention. Packets and other materials are provided in alternative formats and other accommodations are made when requested.

Click here to download a PDF of the application.

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